ZED Head

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Sexton's ZedHead integrates the StereoLabs Zed 2i camera and Zed Box in a compact anodized aluminum housing. Designed to generate point cloud models and record depth measurements in tight spaces that sonar can't reach. Small enough to be carried on inspection class ROV such as Blue Robotics BlueROV 2 platform and VideoRay Defender.  The ZedHead is a complete edge video processing system, powered by the ORIN NX 8GB and StereoLabs intuitive software.

Routed with a 10-100th ethernet cable to the surface, ROV operators can access a live stream of the Zed camera in combination with the SDK's depth sensing, spatial object detection, or point cloud views. Unleash the full capabilities of StereoLabs' Software Development Kit to create your own autonomous ROV.

Integrated Equipment

  • Camera: Zed 2i Stereo Camera
  • Computer: Zed Box - ORIN NX 8GB

Key Features: 

  • Blue Anodized Aluminum Housing
  • Mounts easily on Payload Skid
  • Cables and Connectors available for any Inspection Class ROV
  • Buoyancy - 1.23 lb negative in seawater, 1.36 lb negative in freshwater
  • Zinc anodes for saltwater use
  • 1m Blue Robotics cable with WetLink penetrator and connector terminations
  • Expansion Bulkhead port 
  • 150m Depth Rated
  • PRV



If you are starting with a stock BlueROV2, you will need to install the 5-Port Ethernet Switch(bluerobotics.com) adapter in your Electronics Housing and we recommend mounting to the BlueROV2 Payload Skid(bluerobotics.com).

The system utilizes the open-source Zed SDK Stereolabs · GitHub. Sexton does not provide or offer project-specific software.