About Us

Sexton Products is a division of The Sexton Corporation, a custom engineering and precision machine shop located in Salem, Oregon. Locally owned and operated, The Sexton Corporation has been doing business throughout Oregon and globally for over 40 years. Initially established as a basement business producing custom underwater product has growth exponentially and has decided to make some of our most requested housings available as stock product.   

Sexton prides itself in dependable, high quality products for harsh environments. Our products have been used in a variety ways ranging from a long term deployment for underwater monitoring to protecting cameras from the elements for field work. 
Our stock is kept low intentionally to ensure that all products that go out our doors have recently passed our quality assurance testing. Our products are all made in America and assembled and tested in Salem, Oregon.  

We are here to ensure you find the product that meets your needs, so if you have any questions about products or their capabilities please don't hesitate to contact us.

Additionally, if you are not finding something that suits your needs just right let us know. Our specialty is custom housings and we can connect you with our engineering team to discuss your needs further.