Bulkhead Options Information

Going underwater is fun. Staying connected underwater is a painWaterproof ratings are difficult to compareSales brochures will drown you in a sea of marketing lingo. Connector manufacturers often have massive catalogues, long lead times, and minimum order quantities
We are here to help. 


Our 2, most common connectors are 8-pin and 13-pin connectors. 

  • 8-pin bulkheads are great when using cameras with Power over Ethernet (PoE). PoE allows camera power and signal to travel down the same wires. This simplifies installation and operation. Pair with our Cat 5e underwater cables and plug directly into any PoE network switch certified to work with your cameras. Simplify your setup with an 8-pin bulkhead. 

  • 13-pin bulkheads offer an extra level of flexibility in your setup. 8 of the pins are for dedicated ethernet communications while 5 pins are open for alternate power or signals. Need the ability to remotely reboot your cameras? Need to synchronize a network of cameras? Need to send serial communications to other devices in your housing? Expand your options with a 13-pin bulkhead. 


housing with connect and cable

To pair with those bulkheads, we offer 2 standard cable options. 

  • The Cat 5e option is lighter and more flexible if you just need PoE to your housing.
  • The Cat 5e + Power provides you an extra 5 conductors for powering your project.

Both cables have a thick polyurethane jacket for superior durability. Inside, the cables are water-blocked so nicks in the jacket will not destroy the entire cable. These cables are perfect for most tethered projects with a depth rating of 200m.  

Topside we terminate the cables with standard RJ-45 ethernet connectors. Plug directly into the PoE network switch or PoE Injector of you choice. 

On the Cat 5e + Power cable we leave the power leads open. Aderson Powerpole connectors or wire ferrules available upon request. 


Maintenance and Care

Maintaining your connectors is easyWet connectors can be rinsed with fresh water or isopropyl alcohol for a deeper clean. A small amount of Molykote 111 or Molykote 44 grease when connecting will help keep your connectors working for a long time. 


If you have any questions about the right connectors or cables for your application/need please contact us for assistance.