Leica M10 Underwater Housing

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Built for the Rangefinder Leica M10 camera, in collaboration with Chris Jaffe (Professional Underwater Photographer-Pictured), this housing is as specialized as the users who choose to shoot with Leica. The housing uses a rugged yet sleek design, with easy to operate knobs and buttons to help the user produce stellar images up to depths of 40 meters. A housing that even withstand the icy waters of the Artic Circle, the wide width of the back window also allows for the user to have a clear view subject being photographed, even in the murkiest waters. This housing serves to guarantee that the same quality of image expected from Leica even when the camera is safe inside a housing. 

Camera Types:

  • Custom build for Leica M10 Rangefinder

Key Features: 

  • Anodized aluminum/powder coated housing
  • Ultra-high temperature quartz glass window with AR coating and water repellent coating
  • Gates (Glass or Acrylic) dome port
  • Custom machined acetal-brass gears
  • Leakless quick react control buttons
  • Ultralight handles with double ball mount for light attachments
  • Removeable camera tray for easy battery change
  • Attachment points for accessories
  • Leak detector 


Pricing is for housing ONLY and does not include lens, camera, lights, or connectors.