Mission Housing

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Take your project to new depths. The Mission Housing is designed to upgrade your existing action camera and make it ready for deep ocean deployment. Need to add a battery pack for extended records? Adding your own electronics for custom control? With an oversized 6-in ID interior garage this housing is ready for anything. Threads in the front door fit standard 52mm lens filters to get your shot right.

Rugged, industry-grade housing with enough flexibility to accomplish a range of missions. 

Currently accommodates GoPro HEOR5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 cameras (no Mini tray yet). Other camera mountings are available for an additional fee. 

Key Features 

  • String-loc enclosure 
  • Oversized 6-in ID x 2-in interior garage 
  • 52mm lens filter threads 
  • 4.5-in dome port 
Overall Size  7 x 7 x 6.65-in
Depth Rating 500m saltwater
Material Hard-Anodized Aluminum