Alkaline Battery Housing - 1000m 28V 1.46kWh

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This high capacity, 28V DC battery unit is made to enable long term, deep-sea monitoring projects at depths of 1000m. The system includes a PRV, sacrificial anodes, mounting brackets, and a 13-pin wet-mate connector for dependable power.

Replacement batteries available here: Replacement Battery Pack 28V 1.46kWh 

Output:  28.5V (nominal 28V unregulated battery output)
Power (100% Efficiency) 2921W
Chemistry: Alkaline (Approved for Air Freight)
Nominal Energy:  1.46kWh 
Housing:  CNC Anodized Aluminum
Door Seal: Double O-Ring Bore Seals
Size: 18.54" (w/o connector: 16.5") x 8.9"
Weight: 65 lbs.
Connector: Female Subconn 
Corrosion Protection:  Zinc Anodes
Mounting Bracket:

Acetal w/Modular Configurations 

- 4 Treaded 1/4 20

- 6 Threaded 3/8 16

- 6 Clearance Holes 3/8

Pressure Relief Valve: Included
Maximum Depth:  1000 Meters


Price Includes the Following: 

  • 1 Acetal Mounting Assembly 
  • 1 CNC Battery Housing
  • 1 Alkaline Cell Pack