Non-Reactive 40-25

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This Avigilon housing is a non-reactive housing built originally for an Ozonated environment. While this housing isn't built for the depths of the ocean past 40 meters, it is built to protect key electrical and optical equipment in the most reactive and harsh environments. This housing is perfect for monitoring in aquariums pools, chemical plants, sewage and waste disposal facilities, and any other highly reactive bodies of liquid.

The light weight and harmless PVC material allows for safe bumps, grazes, and hits by any organism, object, or person in the tank or pool where the camera is installed.

The Deep Dive PVC Housing Includes:   

  • PVC construction for non-reactivity
  • Glass Window (flat and domed options available)
  • Rear Door (can accommodate a penetrator or connector setup)
  • Cam shelf that can accommodate a variety of action, security, or dash cams

    Available for Purchase: 

  • Mounting System (Rotating Base, Acetal Camera Bracket, Long Wall Arm Mount) 
  • Pole Mount Adaptor 
  • Waterproof/non-reactive Cable 
  • H5A Avigilon Box Camera 


  • Avigilon H5A Box Camera (See Specifications in Images) 
  • Front door to rear door length: 10.280" 
  • External Diameter: 4.45"
  • Internal Diameter: 4.00"