Pressure Activated LED Lights

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Originally built to light the way for salmon to escape trawl nets, this high-efficiency pressure-activated submersible LED is a great option for tough deep-sea applications. This one-of-a-kind battery-powered lighting system is great for applications that need a tough and durable light that saves battery and increases efficiency through a pressure activated depth control (activation depth~30m). 

The durable system integrates high-efficiency LEDs, Modular-Quick Charging Release Mounting Plate design, and an external battery charging station to increase project efficiency and product reliability. Its modular design makes it perfect for attachment to ROVs, deep sea trawl nets, boat deck platforms, underwater archeology, marine research vessels, and commercial diving equipment. 



  • 1000m Depth Rating
  • 30-meter depth activation
  • 387 Lumen @ 350mA Cool-White LED 
  • 10.8V NiMH Battery & Chargers 

Key Features

LED Light Housings

**These Features are included in base price**

  • Anodized aluminum body and doors 
  • Custom Acrylic LED Window
  • Sensor to trigger lights on at 30-meter depth
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Subcon charging port
  • Deployment dummy plug
Additional Features 

**These features are not included in the base price and can be added on separately**

  • Clip on Trawl Net Mounting Bracket (Straight & Angled)
  • Multi-Current NiMH Smart Battery Charger for 9.6 to 18V Batteries Supplied With Anderson Connectors & 50Hz/60Hz Switchable Models
  • Charging Station - Aluminum & Acrylic (3&2 Battery Charging Options)


LED Light Housings

**Please See Diagram for More Information**

  • Total Length: 11.632"
  • Cylinder Inside Diameter: 2.8"
  • Cylinder Outside Diameter: 4.2"
Additional Features
  • Total Height w/Bracket: 13.576 "
  • Bracket Width: 7"