Swivel Wall Bracket- XL

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Stainless Steel wall brackets made for our biggest B-Series and E-Series housings. However, they can be attached to any housing with ease. These brackets are able to be securely positioned to most fastening surfaces. The housings have adjustable X&Y axis swivel and tilt functions that will allow the attached item to be fastened into the desired position. 

Housing Types:

  • Developed for the B-Series, C-Series, D-Series and E-Series Housing
  • Can fit other rugged enclosures- Please Contact our Sales Department to Determine Suitability. 

PLEASE SEE Engineering Drawlings for More Details

Key Features: 

  • Available Finishes: Stainless Steel, Powder Coat Black, Powder Coat White
  • +/- 30 Deg X-Axis rotation
  • +/- 30 Deg Y-Axis rotation


Please See Engineering Diagram for More Information  

Pricing is for housing ONLY and does not include any housings, extra screws or tools.