MV 40-25

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Underwater vision systems deliver performance AND functionality. Machine vision (MV) cameras are renowned for being compact, affordable, and highly adaptable while delivering high-quality images. Now capture these benefits in an underwater system.

These plug-and-play systems can be customized with an 8 or 13 pin bulkhead and fully compatible with the gamut of machine vision cameras as well as Baumer HXG20, Allied Vision Prosilica GE, Point Grey Grasshopper, Point Grey Zebra cameras. The MV-series provides

  • Options for marine science-grade anodized aluminum or acetal bodies
  • Crystal clear wide-angle dome ports
  • "STRING-LOC" door closure
  • Adjustable camera tray
  • Double bore 1/8 inch o-ring design
  • Indexed mounting system for high precision positioning
  • Depth Rating: 877 meters
  • Maximum Lens size: 2.5" or camera up to 52mm high

MV- Series Manual

Pricing is for housing ONLY and does not includes lens, camera, or connectors.