Deck Cables

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Lead time: 2-3 weeks

Deck cables are perfect for connecting your underwater housing to your topside network.

We offer 2 standard cable options. 

  • The Cat 5e option is lighter and more flexible if you just need PoE to your housing.
  • The Cat 5e + Power provides you an extra 5 conductors for powering your project.

Both cables have a thick polyurethane jacket for superior durability. Inside, the cables are water-blocked so nicks in the jacket will not destroy the entire cable. These cables are perfect for most tethered projects with a depth rating of 200m. 

Underwater terminations are made with SubConn® Ethernet series connectors. These connectors are wet-mateable and gigabit speed capable.

Topside we terminate the cables with standard RJ-45 ethernet connectors. Plug directly into the PoE network switch or PoE Injector of your choice. 

On the Cat 5e + Power cable, we leave the power leads open.

Anderson Powerpole connectors or wire ferrules available upon request.